Tuesday, August 2, 2011

this is it guys, the final show for our beloved screamo forefathers Caitlyn bailey will be this sunday at kalye art gallery. with wicked bands to support the bill coming from the asterisk collective and our dear friends. this marks an important period in our time where endless internet bickering had molded and converged people from all over the philippines to get into a collective unit and forged a like-minded aim to do shows, support bands and buddies on their endeavors and to have a good time rather than well, internet bickering. asterisk has been on (and well, off) for 2 years now, and it's an honor to have our 2 year anniversary be graced by the guys that made shit happen while the rest of us still dabbled into mumbling obscurities. there are still things that would have to be sorted out before we can make this event fully functional, but rest assured that everything is set and we're all excited to get this show rolling. see you guys and have a great august!

P.S. here's the location of kalye art gallery. it's practically near CSB and st scholastica. link: http://kalyeartgallery.tumblr.com/post/1325983958

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm back, with some zine convention loot.

Soooo... Here's the loot that i got from last saturday's zine convention held at kalye art gallery (totally not in order):
2 real tight crew zines (issues 3 & 4) made by the joab, vocalist of deathwish unit (totally fierce band, las time i saw them play was at the last leg of the eskapo tour, and i was floored to the ground!) and archi mundial himself, we the infected metal zine, 2 tagay art zines and a personal zine of his, which my sister liked a lot, lipslide cd (awesome sauce layout!) courtesy of jep peligro, bystorm summer edition "live" cd-r, bunch of stickers, killeur calculateur's "valley of the dead" cd(which was long overdue, my apologies emman! hehe!), blacken the skies cd copy from THE archi mundial again (thanks bro!), a pin and loads of fun (not shown in the pic, but of course). here's to more fun events like this one! kudos NCI and everybody who attended! the only sad note on this was that it was the last of show of shirley steinberg, our beloved comrades in punk and in life. boo you guys!

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