Saturday, September 20, 2008


FINALLY! after eons of waiting for the scanner in the shop to be free of its duties, to have mediafire fix its uploading issues, and my own lousiness taking over in my not posting in this blog-o-ma-zine for weeks, now present to you this thrashing piece of German screamo hardcore from the bands apoplexy twist orchestra and kinetic crash cooperation.

according to what i've gathered, this is the first split release of the apoplexy twist orchestra as the original press of this album was on vinyl 2001 by react with protest records (this copy of mine was released by life on the edge records) before having this CD-version that you are about to download. further infos about this will be posted sometime this week as i am about to leave for the show in calamba laguna with jayMO(hahaha) and i have yet to prepare my belongings for that trip(a bag and shirt will most surely do anyway hehehe). thanks for dropping by and enjoy your weekend. be sure to download this shit for your listening pleasure. more updates wil be upped soon.

(click on photo to download)

P.S. if you want to own a copy of this one, i think the take-four collective's distro still has a copy of this CD. so if you like it, then buy it. stop making excuses you whiny skramoz. >:p

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