Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh Man! Oh God show today!

from a one-man band existence to a 3-piece barrage of humongous (literally & figuratively) screaming fury and passion comes Oh Man! Oh God!. this i think is their second show ever since the band's existence, as they are a very young (but old, screamo-wise hahaha) band so do check them out. this will also be my first time seeing these guys play so i'm stoked to get a dose of their music live, not to mention the pretty impressive line-up that they have included themselves into.

this will be just a short post as i'm not really that much empowered in updating this blog, tho you'll still expect me to up a CD or so every now and then to continue promoting this kind of hardcore punk in the country. much stuff has had happened these past few months, both good and bad but there is not much reason to make us stop spreading the word. we do have some aces hidden up in our sleeves you know, but it's not for discussion now. ok, that's it, weird/vague info overload, haha, my bad. have a good day yo. thanks for reading.

p.s. the WATT tour yesterday was a blast! kudos to sampcore collective for organizing grave new world 5. sa susunod ulit! :D

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