Friday, May 30, 2008

two houses show! (philippine screamo from lucena)

new era collective of lucena city presents: "NEW ERA THE BEGINNING.." a hardcore punk show on june 7, 2008 4pm @ XthinkpositiveX garage studio.

what's significant with this show for us is that it will be the first for two houses, a newly-formed screamo band. if you are new pagbilao, lucena this june 7 be sure to check it out folks.

here's a little chat with kev, the band's guitarist and the guy heading the sleepy eye collective:

PTWDA: so how are things going over at two houses?

kev: All is good. Busy with making new songs and preparing for the show in pagbilao. We're also finished with recording our songs for the 4 way split with our friends from paranaque. The bands in the 4 way split will be Two houses, Ana pascal, Kate dollenmayer collective and canopies and grapes. Better watch out for the release. Its also free to download.

PTWDA: that's great news man. anyways based on your band name, can i say that you're big fans of funeral diner? also what are the influences of the band.

kev: Yeah we're big fans of Funeral Diner. We also listen to their new band called Who calls so loud.. I also heard news about them touring here in the philippines. We love to listen to different kinds of music. But the bands who influenced us the most is Jeromes dream, Saetia, CTTS, Indian summer, Orchid, Ampere and I wrote haikus about your cannibalism in your yearbook (damn. What a name).

PTWDA: hahaha. yea, that name is ace. so on with the interview. how would you like to describe your sound? and how different is two houses from your bands scream stupid and means to no end?

kev: We sound like a noisy hardcore punk band but a lot of octave chords are used and blast beats. We try to mix hardcore, punk, some grindcore and screamo into our music. Two houses is very different from Scream stupid and MTNE. Scream stupid is a bass-and-drums power violence band and MTNE is a dead hardcore punk band. i dunno really what to call MTNE's music. 2 of MTNE is in Two houses and our drummer and the drummer in MTNE plays in Call of fate. They kinda play a metalcore/punk/hardcore/metal/whatever music.

PTWDA: ahh, i see. you'll be having your first show this coming june 7 right, so how do you guys feel? and what will the audience be expecting in your set?

kev: i dunno. We feel ok i guess. hehe. Maybe they could expect some crazyness and stupidness when we play live and i hope the audience will like our music when we play live in pagbilao.

PTWDA: what is the show for? i heard it's some despedida of sorts.

kev: The purpose of the show is for the despedida party for jepoy (drummer of scream stupid and final resistance and a good friend of ours) and for the new bands to experience playing live.
kev: Oh yeah we're also playing with All affected in June 7th. They're a hardcore punk band from pagbilao and they are playing for 5 years already. So we're so excited.

PTWDA: that's good news man. hope all goes well over at the two houses' camp. ok here's a random question before we end this interview...
*if ever you guys get inside a battle royale-type of island, who do you think will survive? and how?

kev: Uhm i think no one. Because we're going to suicide together because we're all EMOOOOOO. haha, peace out.

PTWDA: ahaha. ei thanks for the interview man, hope to see that split CD soon.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Magrudergrind Philippine Tour

Yes folks, you saw it right. The Washington D.C.-based DIY grindcore band
magrudergrind will be hitting our shores this coming june 23-27, starting here in Manila (i think the venue is in dayo bar). my friends and i will try to go to the first and last legs so that we'll get to see two shows from them. Hopefully we'll find a place to stay in the Malolos leg or else we will have to settle sleeping in their bus station hahahaha. no tix prices yet but i'm sure it will just cost around 80-150 php so be sure to check this out. this will surely be a blast!

mad props to the sampcore and takefour collective for making the manila leg possible.



it's been a long time since i've visited this page, primarily because of some issues with my acad stuffs but ill make it up with a tonnage of news and events to keep you posted. hopefully the band interviews will be up by next week, so as soon as i get the replies i'll have it posted here ASAP.

gig posters will be upped in a bit so take note of the dates and start saving your spare moolah for the shows. let's get it on!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Welcome. This is a trial post so there's not much stuff in here. the name's tadsz, i am a net and pseudo-music geek who just recently found my way into hardcore punk, and i made this blogspot as a webzine primarily for Asian and Oceania screamo scenes, most especially my country's (or the lack of) Philippine screamo because seriously, only a few people seem to care about this in the country and even fewer would actually want to do something for it. So in here i will post interviews, news, band updates, show skeds, random mumblings and of course downloads so you could get a taste and idea of what people here do (or not do, hahaha) and maybe, just maybe, we could generate noise that would be loud enough for people to hear what we say.

I really, really encourage interaction amongst readers so if you stumbled upon this page, feel free to post a comment and i'd be more than delighted to reply. the internet may have made the world small but had that sad effect of humans being used by the net rather than them using it. don't be one of them.

i will be leaving this post with a download link from one of my favorite emo bands from the nineties. too bad i missed out on it when this kind of music was still alive. anyways thanks for reading and have a good day.

(credits to Mr. kissmysoundsystem for the link)

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