Sunday, November 29, 2009

next show for asterisk: krupskaya tour

up is the poster for the next show co-organized by non-compliant issue, flowergrave and * collective, a year-ender party for feat. the wonderful UK grindcore act krupskaya. it's a big honor and privilege for us to be able to join these guys in setting up a show, as we've only been a bunch of random kids that went to shows back then, and we somehow look up to these dudes that have been organizing hardcore/punk shows ever since we were babies (haha). hope we don't disappoint.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

second show!

here is it guys, after a long break from blogging am back to present to you *collective's ALARME, a show we've set-up for our good friends caitlyn bailey from davao, and van gogh's ear from cebu (as i have heard that the spirals and bombo pluto ova will not be able to make it) for their luzon tour. this will also mark the first show that will include the youngins yuhis cruelty in the lineup among other great friends like T.E.T.E. and a hiphop band that has no name yet. (p.s. curse/gift being another one to watch out for) :D

i am very much excited for this show, and i hope to see you guys there. cheerios!

Friday, August 7, 2009

show poster for asterisk collective's first outing.

for details how to get there, people to contact, violent reactions etc etc, hit on the comment box onto your right, or go here:

support us! thanks!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


here is tour flyer for the half asleep/ever after show in manila this coming tuesday, july 30, '09. as for the line-up, you can already see that this is going to be an amazingly fun punk rock gig, so if this music is your kind of thing then hopefully we'll get to see you in the pit. attend and support more DIY shows! cheers to NCI for making this possible. takits! :D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Get-Up Kids - Red Letter Story

hello you. this is the first upload since i started to bring back my decaying blog to life... and so without further adieu here i present the get-up kids with the EP "Red Letter Story". not much to say about this one since i think you are quite acquainted already with this band and their story (or not, so refer here to wiki for an introduction). all i can say about this record is that it this is where they started using the piano as part of their band, and the transition from their earlier records to the later ones. i am not much a big big big fan of their sound but id like to think im pretty appreciative of them. got this cd from a good friend who was disposing some of his stuff (naunahan ako sa braid! yun lang) so i consider myself somehow lucky to get a hold of this one. shout-outs to him and his awesome post-rock band that's doing a cebu tour as of the moment. as to everyone, do try this piece of indie emo/pop punk and have fun with yer weekend. enjoy!

(click on actual pic to download)

P.S. MAIM's 6th year anniversary was a blast. if you missed it out then you missed it out badly. boo :P

Sunday, June 14, 2009

the search for venues is ON.

found a probable venue for the show but (urgh) it is a bar so it's last on the list. next plox!

P.S. blog header now pimped. oyea >:D

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

oh hai

well well well. hello there 2009, how you doin'? been gone for a looong time since when. anyway. some infos for y'all. couple of shows coming up here in the country, and this year looks like a very positive time for bands touring in our shores. first up: second combat/motivation tour (feb '09)

(no bulacan flyer yet btw)
if you still haven't checked out these bands then by golly you should right now:

i'm specifically stoked to see second combat, ever since i heard their song "this is the reason i stay" i got goosebumps all over me. haha. dead pits also gets a nod in my book, tho i have yet to hear a song that i could understand since all the songs i've heard are in indonesian, maybe i'll have to check out more songs from them. will have yet to check motivation's music but i'm all for posi- bands, so it's probably good! i'm already sure on the manila leg, killer line-up btw, but i'd have to check if i could also be available for the laguna leg since the scene there is great and cookin'. mad props for all the organizers making this thing happen. kudos! :D

another wicked tour coming up: antagonist ad/mouthful of air/ forgive/ sidekicks:

note: listen to mouthful of air, listen to mouthful of air! hahaha.

this tour is gonna be around march 21-23 as i've read about it in diypinoy, so there's plenty of time for you guys to save up and listen to the bands here. there will be a baguio leg, manila leg and i think the last one will be in cavite but i'm not totally sure about that. anwyay, antagonist ad(australia) and mouthful of air(malaysia) is already a go for the philippine leg but forgive (singapore) will not be able to play here in the country for some reasons and sidekicks (singapore) is also still unsure. sad. btw, have i told you that i liked mouthful of air? no? hahaha! if you have time do check these guys here:

other notes:

*that plan, you know, that plan, will be pushing through this second half of 2009, so just wait up and help us out if you want, the more the merrier i say, tho i dunno if these things are still all worth it, as i am losing faith in the people around the pinoy skramozzsphere, but i'm still in it for the music, it'll always will boil down to the love of it, always. i assure you that i'll work my ass to make it happen and we'll take things from there, be it another show or the demise of it or whatever.

*a physical copy of ptwda yes? no? >:P

*school is starting to suck. argh.

have a great week you guys. til the next update. sorry if i haven't uploaded anything today, i'll make it up sometime. ciao

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